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Sexual Assault


There are a number of offences which would fall broadly under the category of sexual offences. These offences come with some of the most severe punishments available under Canadian law. As well a number of offences under this category still carry with them mandatory minimum punishments.

Beyond the somewhat lengthy sentences which can attach to offences of this nature, there is also a number of collateral consequences which an individual convicted of a sexual offence may face. For example, individuals may be required to register for the sex offender registry, face DNA orders, and weapons prohibitions.

Sexual offences often come to two varying accounts of an event. A criminal defence lawyer will be able to explain the law around consent and the potential defences available to you.

A defence attorney will negotiate all options for resolving your matter, or having your charges withdrawn with the Crown Attorney.

If there is no room for negotiation then a defence attorney will ensure that an effective cross examination of the complaint is made on your behalf. If appropriate in your case, an effective defence attorney will set aside time to prepare you for testifying in court.

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