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Weapon Offence


Even the definition of what can constitute a weapon is rather complex under the Canadian Criminal Code. Being accused of a weapon offence can vary greatly on the scale of punishments. There are offences which are more regulatory in nature such as unsafe storage at the one end of the spectrum, all the way to possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

In Canada, there is an active push to reduce the amount of crime involving firearms. The high volume an media coverage of gun related crime-particularly in Canada's more densely populated centers- has led parliament to enact stringent firearm related laws. These laws come with lengthy sentences. There are even a number of mandatory minimum sentences for certain firearm offences.

One collateral consequence of convictions for firearm related offences of particular interest to those who enjoy hunting is the potential loss of a firearms license and other weapons prohibitions. For criminal defence in Peterborough contact our office. 

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